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    Wellness, Mindfulness and Heartfullness Solutions toward Engaging your Community

    (Staff, Faculty, Participants and Alumnist)

  • Trainings and Workshops

    Whats Love (and Inner Work) got to do with it? Turns out, Everything. In these trainings, we explore how Awareness of our Inner Landscape and Loving Principles and Tools can not only make for a sweeter life but an actual authentically peaceful workplace.

    The Head

    Inner Love and Leadership

    Effective Heartful Self Mastery that translates to Good Leadership. Self Awareness, Self Talk, Heartful Communication skills, Recognizing Pain and fear, staying off the field of death

    The "I" in Team Inner Love and Self Mastery

    Working effectively as a team first requires Self Awareness, Self Management and Self Mastery

    The Dream Team:

    From Group Dynamics to the Dynamic Group

    The Dream team/ Dynamic Group is an assembly of Effective, Competent, Self Aware, Empowered and Masterful Individuals that aligned and working in harmony toward a shared vision. Tools, Vision, Principles, Strategy

    Sacred Self Care Practices

    Cut Depression, Anxiety and Mania before they get started. Learning about and employing Self Care practices as a lifestyle.

  • Faculty Wellness Retreats

    Mindfulness, Relaxation, Team Building and Enrichment

    Kemetic Soul Yoga 

    The Healing Power of Movement, Breath, Focus and Balance


    The Power of Creativity:

    Crafting, Play and Manifestation

    Heartfulness Circles

    The healing Power of Connection: Practicing Openess, Transparency, Vulnerability, Acceptance


    The Healing Power of Conciousness: Visioning, Meditation, Focus

    Sound Bathing

    The Healing Power of Sound and Vibration: Relaxing and experiencing a sound bath as well as using instruments to create sound together. (includes Sacred Singing Circle.)

    Soulful Plant- based Meals

    The Healing Power of High Vibrational Nourishment

    (Maybe with Pescatarean options)

    Engaging Workshops

    Cutting edge processes and protocols in Manifesting Ones dreams and in inspiring and engaging your partcipants.

    Sunset Circle

    Daily Opportunity to come together and connect and decompress

  • BiWeekly or Monthly Staff Wellness Days

    Inviting WellBeing, Creativity and Relaxation into the workplace

    Recreating a restorative retreat in certain spaces within the building, inviting the extraordinary.

    Soothing Props 

    Swinging, Rocking etc are known to increase endorphins/ feelings of peace and joy

    Craft/ Play

    Coloring Mandalas, making jewelry, making aromatherapy blends, playing group or individual games.

    Fun Lunch

    Something other than what they might have for lunch on a regular day.



    Through Guided Mediation, Yoga and Dance


    Chair Massage, Energy Work, Sound Bath

  • Alumni Engagement, Support & Enrichment


    Love Technology, Inner Peace & Self Mastery

    A brief presentation to be shared at an Alumni meeting

    Inner Love Circles

    Heartfulness and Emotional Empowerment Circles using the keys, principles and process of Introspective Love Work

    Womb Circles 

    Specifically for Women to learn about and to discuss principles and topics relevant to Feminine and Womb Vitality

    Kemetic Soul Yoga  

    Practice Kemetic Soul Yoga to our Favorite Soul Music.

    Couples' Circles 

    Group Heartfulness and Intimacy Coaching



  • Vocational Training 

    Trainings in the Yoga, Inner Work, Wellness and Birthing Field 

    Intuitive Energy Healer Training 

    Inner Love Coach

    Womb Wellness Practitioner 

    Professional Astrologer  

    Birth Doula

    Health/ Wellness Coach

    Yoga Instructor

  •  Inner Love Circles 

    The Introspective Love work that I’ve been practicing and now facilitating is truly bringing about what would seem like miraculous results in my life.

    The way many of us people of color in the diaspora are “set up” does not naturally or easily inspire success in love.

    Between the effects of Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder and the subsequent Internal strife within/ among our own families and tribes it’s no wonder our insides are in pieces.


    These sessions are designed to help each client see themselves clearly and experience their own power, while under a loving gaze.

    It’s not enough to just expect the powers that be to help us because we have to 1.) know how to wisely use the circumstances that are orchestrated for us and 2.) Need to have the Self Mastery to hold that Bliss and not erode it with our trauma responses.

    We must necessarily embark upon the Inner Work that helps us keep our end of the deal.

    Those I’m working with are experiencing that in the absence of the usual fear based behaviors and habits, LOVE is just present.

    We don’t have to make things we want happen, we just have to make the things we want welcome. 💛


    The process invloves the participants reading assigned love books and researching assigned inner landscape aspects. There are seasonal-ish assessments to ensure that the participants recieved something worthwhile that sticks with them.

    There are plenty lived experience to be discussed as well as a plethora of books and Inner Lanscape work to keep the circle going and full of fresh material for years.




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